Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thank you to our reader(s)

It is now september and alot of sexy goings on have passed we APE brethren by. So for those who have been patiently waiting our latest blog entry we thought that we would thank you with a delicious little photo staring the captin Levi butler, And Brett (giligan) Jarman. the end of august we went and did san diego... maybe it did us? who is to say, also you will see a rare girl sighting on this blog. she kinda snuck into a photo. In other news we are hoping to band together to sabotage Kanye west.. i mean c'mon who does that to Taylor Swift. Thus we give Taylor swift Girl of the month, And Kanye gets tool of the decade! ( we apologize for removing the photo we call captin levi. some of our readers thought it would be funny to make fun of his features. NOT FUNNY. we will not stand for the mochary!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

an introduction.

oh hello, i didnt see you there. my name is trevin and i thought id tell you a lil about myself. My dearest friend mitchell and i started the ape house in january of 08 whilst we lived together. i enjoy music and fine chinese food. Mostly the music of the fall out boys. nick cannon is a jerk. sorry he was on tv just now and i had to say it. his career ended during all that and everyone knows it but him. anyways, you may be asking yourself what do i bring to the party? well my friend let me tell you. i have a phd in sex appeal and am a certified party starter. well if i post anything i will end it like this -t or -trev

Post 2. Man Art.

You know what happens when you give a hand full of twenty-one year old guys a camera? Very little you want your parents to see... Hence the lack of photos. ON the right you see St. George ut at it's classiest.

Intro to A.P.E.

So what is this A.P.E.? Thats a good question... If you have an answer please let us know. Also if you know what blogging is we need suggestions.
This is the blog home to a prestigeous unofficially offical fraternity located in Mesa, AZ.
A Brief over view of our members goes as follows, Trevin Cox, Levi Butler, Garet Flake, Brett Jarman, Troy Geiger, and Mitchell Blair. This is the sum of our day to day happenings... to be honest i don't know how this is going to look.. so uh the next will be better.